Kashi iPad Ad

Rich ads for iPad with HTML5

Kashi and Amazon Advertising had never done an ad for the iPad before, so we were glad they chose us to help them through the process. Step 1 was to help them understand what they could do on the platform. They'd seen plenty of static ads for the iPad, and plenty of "rich" media ads that consisted of tapping a button to display content in a modal. They wanted to do much more.

What Kashi wanted was a way for users to interact with their products beyond the standard touch and read dynamic, and to teach users about the protein benefits of Kashi cereals. What we came up with was an interactive game where users catch individual pieces of Kashi cereals, see their protein values and be able to use a protein calculator giving them recommended protein counts based on weight and activity level.

Built using HTML5 and optimized for the iPad, the Kashi Catch the Cereal ad ran in many top publications. Over its three week run, the ad garnered robust tap through rates and nearly 400% more engagement than average, driving increased traffic to the Kashi site.

Project Details