We've built a lot of applications over our combined 30 years of development experience including enterprise level applications like Cintas and AT&T Uguide, industry specific applications like Couchtrippin for Lagunitas and Summon the Chouffe, and more socially focused applications like CUR8 for Marriot. We know it takes an experienced and well-rounded group of developers and designers to make the best software, and we work hard to foster a collaborative and efficient approach on all our projects. We also try to keep it simple (when we can.)


Development is the foundation your application is built on, it’s all the code libraries and frameworks we use to help us be fast and efficient. We maintain our own custom code libraries in addition to using tools provided by Apple, Google, Microsoft and others. Our developers work in-house (no overseas outsourcing) and use standard tools including GitHub, Jira and Basecamp.



Google Analytics Implementation and Analysis (GA)
Google Analytics makes data collection easier than ever, but the real power of data collection is how businesses analyze data to drive app downloads, increase site traffic, or drive purchases. Without trained developers to implement a tagging plan correctly, and an analyst to interpret the data on a regular basis your application or website is missing out on a trove of valuable information. As a Google Analytics certified provider, we can help you gain valuable insight in to your user’s behavior and support your specific goals.


UX and Planning

User experience is an exercise in communication between you and your users. We'll work with you to create a focused, intuitive application people will love using. We've produced detailed, annotated UX documents for simple applications like Chouffe and been part of the UX team on complex, enterprise level applications like Cintas that let you and the dev team understand all application functions, and start writing code right away.


Visual Design

Our designers follow the principles of user-centered design (UCD), and we believe the presentation layer is as important as the code that makes it work. Our design process is cooperative, and our clients are an integral part of the design team. UCD is inherently iterative, with a focus on how users can, and want to use a piece of software.


QA & Deployment

Our dev team will continuously test during the build of an application, and over the course of a release cycle we’ll conduct standard usability and performance testing. This process is open to you and we encourage clients to join the GitHub repository and access bugs directly.