For some students, the hardest part about math is writing the darn problem.

For students with dysgraphia, which effects kids with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism, writing legibly is nearly impossible. And that makes learning basic math skills difficult. If a student can’t read their own writing, or if the number columns don’t line up, how are they supposed to master math concepts like regrouping, long division, or multiplication with multiple digits?

ModMath was developed to help level the playing field so kids can focus on learning, not their disability. ModMath provides students with virtual graph paper and a keypad with numbers and basic symbols including operators, fractions, long division, variables, and square root. Advanced symbols include sigma, pi, infinity and therefore. You can organize and reorder pages within your document easily with the page browser, browse your documents in the library by title or modified date, and search for specific documents by date. Finally, ModMath lets you share or print your documents as PDF files allowing easy collaboration between parents, other students, and teachers.

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