Never miss a conference date again

For all the UX and design conference junkies looking for a tool to help manage all those important conference deadlines, say hello to Promptr. The Promptr app for iPhone tracks all your important conference-specific dates in one location.

Design and industry conferences (and parties) are part of the business, so attending a few of these a year is common. Whether it’s SXSW and TED, or the IXDA and IA Summits, the important thing is staying on top of key dates and times.

Promptr not only tracks the event’s start and end dates, but also ancillary dates – such as, you’re a speaker and need to submit your presentation on such a date. Or, you need to book your stay somewhere by a certain date, Or, there are multiple sessions within a date and you want to mark specific ones.

With Promptr, all that info is in one place – in the thing you have with you at all times, your phone. Built with our friends at Awasu Design, Promptr lets you see days left to price increases, application and housing due dates, and track your favorite conferences all in a simple interface. And coming soon, we’ll turn on push notifications and ensuring no one need miss an important date.

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