Summon the Chouffe

Gnomes and beer, a guaranteed good time

If you are a Belgian beer fan, you probably know La Chouffe, McChouffe and Houblon Chouffe well. For those of you who don't know this Belgian ale (and its cast of merry gnomes), now's your chance to try the beer and meet the family.

Like a lot of craft breweries, Chouffe enjoys a small but avid fan base in the US. To grow this audience, Chouffe needed a bigger way to tell the story of gnomes and beer – and what better way to do this than by creating an augmented-reality world where humankind and gnome-kind could meet.

Enter Summon the Chouffe, an augmented reality application where the stories of the Chouffe family of gnomes comes to life. Point the camera at any printed materials from Chouffe (including beer coasters, stickers, and posters) and watch the gnomes tell their tales. When you are done, add to the Chouffe story by gnoming thyself and posting to Facebook or Twitter.

Check out Summon the Chouffe, available now for iPhone and Android.

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